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5 Reasons Phishing Simulations Fail

We’ve been running successful phishing simulations for years now, developing proven steps towa

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How to reduce the cost of a data breach in your organization

  • 30th Jun 2018

The number of data breaches is on the rise, and so is the cost per breach.It has grown to $4 million

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What Proxies Miss

  • 24th Jul 2017

Proxies are a popular default mode for many security products. However, proxies provide a false sen

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Biggest risks of online banking and how to avoid them

  • 11th Nov 2016

This week, an important UK bank suspended its online payments after 40,000 customers reported a spat

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More than half of SMBs were breached in 2015

  • 24th Oct 2016

50 per cent of small businesses admit to have suffered data breaches involving customer and employee

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Are we becoming too complacent over cloud cyber security?

  • 12th Oct 2016

Despite an ever-present fear of cloud technology, businesses fail to take security seriously. The cl

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Is Security-as-a-Service the solution to the UK skill shortage?

  • 6th Oct 2016

Few small-sized businesses have an in-house or a third-party cyber security expert on call, a recent

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The Internet of Things – corporate security issues to consider

  • 6th Oct 2016

The Internet of Things and quantified-self movements have led to an explosion of interesting gadgets

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UK firms prepare for ransomware, the wrong way

  • 15th Jul 2016

One in three UK businesses are stocking up on Bitcoins to prepare for a ransomware data security att

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Cyber Secure Ltd achieves ISO 9001 registration

  • 30th Jun 2016

Surrey based IT Security Company Cyber Secure Ltd has achieved the internationally recognised ISO

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How dangerous is ransomware for your small business?

  • 15th Jun 2016

How dangerous is ransomware for your small business? In recent years, ransomware has become the pre

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UK small businesses at risk as invoice fraud spikes

  • 26th May 2016

Britain’s small businesses are losing more than £9bn a year to fraudsters who send viruses posing

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Are you enforcing cyber-security to mitigate BYOD risks?

  • 20th May 2016

The global BYOD & enterprise mobility market is estimated to grow to USD 360.07 billion by 202

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DDoS attacks: how they work and how to stop them?

  • 5th May 2016

In 2015, DDoS attacks have increased in frequency with 180 per cent, according to a report by securi

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Five misconceptions about endpoint security that need to disappear

  • 3rd May 2016

36% of small businesses forego endpoint security, a survey recently revealed. 700 security profess

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Cyber-bullying and the ultimate cheat sheet to stopping it

  • 22nd Mar 2016

The ultimate cheat sheet to monitoring teens in the digital age (and stopping internet cyber-bullyin

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Peer to peer botnets and the need for threat intelligence

  • 3rd Mar 2016

Botnets and ransomware. How to filter P2P networks for security threats ? Ransomware and botnets us

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Destroying the myth! Small businesses need a security solution.

  • 18th Feb 2016

Everybody dreams of becoming their own boss. Managing a business means making your own rules, while

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The real cost of software vulnerabilities and how to avoid it

  • 8th Feb 2016

Vulnerable software has always been the Achilles’s heel of any system. Many small organizations be

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Why outsourcing IT is vital to SMB success

  • 24th Jan 2016

Why outsourcing IT is vital to SMB success Only 9% of SMBs hire external IT support, but things are

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IT Security Training becomes a necessity in today’s world

  • 11th Jan 2016

The Premises of IT Security Training? Infоrmаtiоn tесhnоlоgу security training bесаmе

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10 Practical Steps to Defend your SMB from PoS Malware

  • 5th Jan 2016

Quick overview of the PoS Malware In the past two years, stories of data breaches affecting compani

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