Monitor, Analyze, Detect
& Respond

Cyber Shield provides SME’s with their own
Security operations center as a service

Cyber Shield is an award winning fully managed security
operations center as a service that protects your company’s
most valuable asset through continuous 24x7x365 detection of
threats. Our experienced security analyst will respond
effectively to any security incidences – mitigating any exposure
to your organisation, all at an affordable price.

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The Cyber Shield platform provides organisations with

Enterprise-grade Visibility

You can get top-shelf
analytics and reporting

Minimize Your Cost

Get IDS, Log Correlation,
Reporting, Forensics
& many more

Customized Alerts

Get notified about the
events that are important
to you

24×7 monitoring

Our team of experienced security analyst
will monitor your security events, analyse
and every changing threat environment
and mitigate if necessary.

One Complete Security platform

Cyber Shield utilizes the latest Security Information
and Event management (SIEM), Vulnerability
scanning, asset management and analytics
technology offering you a deep understanding of all
your security in one easy to use dashboard.y

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CyberShield empowers SMBs and Start-ups to gain insight into their operations without the cost of building a Security Operations Center internally, or purchasing a vendor platform that requires on-site expertise.

Monitor Users and Processes

Every Organization deals with threats, both external and -increasingly- internal. CyberShield allows SMBs and startups to have full visibility into every activity, transaction and operation without impeding on the end-user experience. Cover your buns without spending a fortune.

Monitoring and Assessments

Satisfy regulatory and client requirements with integrated on-demand or scheduled Vulnerability Assessments.
CyberShield integrates with commercial and open-source vulnerability assessment tools like Nessus and Qualys to give you a full view into your potential vulnerabilities.

CyberShield provides the following features

Log Correlation Log Archiving Intrusion Detection

Alerting Reporting Situational Awareness

NMS Monitoring Anomaly Detection Vulnerability Assessments

Enterprise-grade Visibility for SME’s

The All-In-One Cloud-Based Security Monitoring Platform for Analysis, Response & Reporting

Monitor and protect network 24 x 7
Analyse all machine data
Visualize gloabal network access, performance and threats
Automate reporting
Comprehend vulnerabilities and security gaps
Notify against policy and macro/micro level
Lock down breached assets.

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