GDPR Compliance & Audit Platform


With the continuous evolution of advanced persistent threats, phishing attacks, and an increasingly complex regulatory environment, today’s small businesses face the same cyber security challenges as large corporations while they account for nearly half of all global attack targets. 

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Our GDPR managed service isn’t a one off exercise, we provide ongoing analysis and tools to help you stay compliant with a fully managed service.

Initial GDPR Assessment

Scan the network environment and answer a set of pre-configured questions to quickly and easily determine if all GDPR requirements are being met, and if not, what needs to be done to become compliant.

GDPR Remediation Services

Document and prioritize issues that must be remediated to address GDPR-related security vulnerabilities through ongoing managed services.

GDPR Approved Documentation

Produce all regularly scheduled mandatory reports as required by GDPR and be prepared, in advance, in the event of an audit. Demonstrate your client’s “best efforts” to comply with the law

Ongoing GDPR Compliance

Regular, automated network scans detect any ongoing issues, identify potential threats, and provide alert notifications.

Monthly or Quarterly compliance review

Our GDPR expert will engage with your DPO on a quarterly basis to  review any ongoing compliance concerns

Policy and Procedure Pack

An “out of the box” policy pack that you can tailor to your particular organisation

Ongoing, scheduled network scans

Monthly updates alert you to any new GDPR risks, meaning you will never slip out of compliance

Compliance Process Automation for GDPR

We call it GDPR Compliance & Audit platform because we’ve captured the knowledge and knowhow of the best GDPR compliance experts in our software. When you combine your IT knowledge with the subject matter expertise built-in to our GDPR Compliance & Audit platform, you have everything you need to begin offering GDPR compliance services.


GDPR Compliance & Audit platform is a “turn-key” virtual software appliance that automates the production of mandatory compliance reports, provides ongoing remediation documentation, and manages the manual collection of required information from key stakeholders.


Because much of the network and system data you need is collected automatically, GDPR Compliance & Audit platform for GDPR is hands-down, the fastest and easiest way to perform a GDPR Risk Assessment and stay GDPR compliant.

Not Just Another Check List Product

There are many check-list products on the market that provide you with a laundry list of tasks you must perform, and information you need to gather, process, analyze, and validate to be GDPR compliant. But GDPR Compliance & Audit platform takes the process to the next level by automating the collection of much of the data you need, analyzing it for you, and providing you with dynamic worksheets that are customized based on the results of the collected data.

GDPR Compliance & Audit platform is like having a compliance assistant in a box, coordinating the collection of manually inputted information from various stakeholders, running automated data scans across the computer network, collecting and collating information and then producing mandatory reporting required under GDPR.

In the event of a review or audit, GDPR Compliance & Audit platform archives and keeps all the relevant reports neatly organized and can quickly produce all supporting evidence of compliance.