Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing

Network devices are commonly targeted by hackers in order to destabilize the entire network or to steal information. Cyber Securer’s Network VAPT services help you validate the configuration of various technology devices & platforms on your network as per best practices. We help you identify security issues and weak links in your network through network assessment, and penetration testing.

What is VAPT

Cyber Secure offers Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Services to identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, networks and application environments and to address the requirements of regulations and standards.

Our Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Service typically consists of, but not limited to, port scanning, OS and Service detection, and Vulnerability Analysis.

We analyse the vulnerabilities detected in the earlier phase to exploit the weaknesses both manually and using appropriate tools to launch typical attacks.

Our Penetration Testing Service typically consists of, but not limited to, manual and automatic penetration testing, and exploitation of vulnerabilities.


  • Comprehensive Testing for Networks
  • Provide evidence of exploitable the vulnerabilities
  • Elimination of false positives and prioritize real threats.
  • Detection of attack and Facilitates regular and frequent scans
  • Secures against business logic flaws by closing all windows
  • Facilitating regular and frequent scans.
  • Include the best industry standards like; OWASP, SANS, etc.
  • Set cost based on number of employees

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