Insider Threat Management


Teramind provides a user-centric security approach to monitor employee behavior. Our software streamlines employee data collection in order to identify suspicious activity, detect possible threats, monitor employee efficiency, and ensure industry compliance

  • Insider Threat Detection and Prevention
  • Employee Monitoring and Policy Enforcement
  • Session Recording
  • Privileged User Monitoring
  • Session Mining
  • Visual Screen Recording
  • User Activity Tracking
  • Privacy Protection

Our lightweight endpoint solution helps organizations—particularly large enterprises—identify and eliminate insider threats. We provide detection and prevention to enable proactive defence against both malicious and negligent user behaviour from employees, privileged users, and third parties

  • Insider Threat Rules
  • Insider Threat Analytics & Reporting
  • Secure Key-Logging
  • User Session Recording
  • Block Out-of-Policy Actions
  • Real-Time User Notifications
  • Detect Privileged Escalation & System Access
  • Secondary Authentication
  • DBA Auditing
  • Reporting
  • Anonymization Mode

Ekran System offers visibility over all user actions providing context-rich session records. It’s augmented with real-time alerting to detect threats, analysis tools to investigate them, access management to prevent them, and action blocking to respond to them

  • Video records of indexed sessions
  • Synchronized multi-layer context *
  • In-session and cross-session episode search *
  • Real-time smart alerts
  • Incident response toolset
  • Security event investigation
  • Application user surveillance
  • Privilege user audit
  • Access and password management

Dtex is a breed of its own. It’s lighter and more visibility-focused than DLP, cuts through the noise more effectively than SIEM, and bases its intelligence on endpoint visibility that most out-of-the-box UEBA platforms are blind to. It’s the combination of thorough endpoint visibility and comprehensive, adaptive intelligence that is perfectly poised to fill the gaps and weaknesses of other security systems.

  • Lightweight User Visibility
  • Visualization and Dashboards
  • Forensic Audit Trail
  • Purpose-built UI detect malicious users, credential theft, ransomware, policy violations, and more
  • Expert quarterly risk assessments
  • Custom integration with UBA, DLP, SIEM, data warehouses, threat intel, and more.
  • Expert analysis in deep-dive risk assessment reports.