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Why outsourcing IT is vital to SMB success

Why outsourcing IT is vital to SMB success

Only 9% of SMBs hire external IT support, but things are expected to change. 81% of SMB decision-makers believe outsourcing IT solutions in 2016 (including cybersecurity endeavors) will increase their bandwidth to address other areas of their business, according to a recent survey.

Many small businesses try to tackle IT challenges on their own, while also focusing on increasing profitability and business growth. But they soon realize it’s too much to handle. That is where providers like Cyber Secure come in.

Some of the most pressing IT issues concerning SMBs right now originate from embracing digitization – cloud computing and virtualization, mobility solutions, big data, managed services and the Internet of Things environment. All of these need to be managed, while figuring out how to contain tech costs and keep current systems up and running.

This migration towards digitization and the cloud has tremendous benefits, however, it also increases security risks. For SMBs, security risks exist both inside and outside the firewall.

Top 5 threats affecting SMBs at this moment include:

  • BYOD risks.  60% of SMB decision-makers say that mobile solutions are critical to their business. But when employees start bringing in personal smartphones and tablets under a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, admin oversight grows exponentially.
  • Cloud risks. It’s nearly impossible for an Internet-reliable SMB to survive today without a cloud platform. The cloud is the new IT infrastructure for SMBs. But security concerns remain a huge barrier to public cloud adoption.
  • Cutting-edge malware. Keeping up with cybersecurity developments is essential in defending SMB assets. But more than half of small companies admit not having the time to stay informed with the latest cyber-threats. It’s risky, especially since online banking and payment services are a prime target of malware and phishing campaigns.
  • Third parties. Third parties introduce an element of unknown to the company and can definitely elevate the level of risk to a business. Poor security habits can cause changes in the way the infrastructure is used and configured and inevitably lead to a breach.
  • Employee negligence and insider threats. About a third of organizations have experienced an insider attack in 2015, according to SANS Institute. Employees have the tendency to open attachments to or click links embedded in spam, to leave their systems unattended, to forget changing their passwords, and visit restricted sites.

The benefits of externalization

IT service providers are able to successfully offer comprehensive services without the traditional push-backs about outsourcing IT and loss of control.

They are uniquely positioned to help SMBs grow and are the problem solvers who get the network back up after a security breach, human accident or power failure. And these do hazards happen, more frequently than you would think.

They take the time to fully understand the security risks faced by SMB customers, and provide products and solutions that address these specific risks.

4 things IT service providers can do better

  • Offer flexible support

Before an SMB can determine the type of IT support it requires, it usually considers its individual needs. Many IT service providers offer various levels of assistance which allow for the tailoring of their services to meet the needs of any business. Customer satisfaction comes first.

  • Handle business-critical systems

Thanks to their experience in different industries, IT solutions providers can offer information, guidance, and services related to a business’ most important technologies and operations.

  • Manage a crisis

IT service providers can help businesses come up with a crisis management plan to prevent intrusions and enhance security. Establishing a security mindset within the business may be one of the most crucial things an SMB could learn from their IT provider.

  • Reduce costs

Outsourcing eludes the need to hire individuals in-house. Therefore, recruitment and operational costs can be minimized to a great extent. This is one of the prime advantages of hiring an IT service provider. What’s more, most of them adopt the pay-as-you-use pricing model, enhancing flexibility and lifting the burden of upfront deployment and management costs.

Companies undertake outsourcing for a variety of reasons: their vision, lack of resources and skills. While this may vary from company to company, the fruits of labor are visible in leading companies worldwide, where outsourcing has become a vital component of day to day business strategies.